Survey about photography

Want to know where photography is heading? If you’re a photographer take part in this survey which is supported by The Photographers’ Gallery

This brief survey is part of a research project into the state of the medium, and how we feel about, and respond to changes and challenges. It was drawn-up to help identify, and better understand, some of the factors that currently shape the careers of stakeholders within the photography sector.

We’d like to encourage all members of the photography community to take part!

The aim is to share the results widely in education, through publication, conferences, symposia, and social media, and help provide valuable insights to policy makers, educators, funders and other stakeholders and organisations in photography.

Welcome to new members!

We would like to welcome our members and all new, interested photographers to the Dunfermine Photographic Association 2016-17.

We meet on Tuesday evenings at 7.30pm in the Dell Farquarson Centre, Dunfermline.

DPA all welcome