Information about SPF and international photographic standards

The DPA meeting on Tuesday 25th November will be dedicated to the External Competitions organised by the Scottish Photographic Federation (SPF). It will give members a chance to better understand international standards and will also showcase our recent entry to the projected image competition in Sterling. The meeting will view a slideshow of Scotland’s best images.
Please feel free to ask questions and participate in an evening for those who intend to compete in the international circuit.

Scottish Photographic Federation (SPF)


Sunday 16th November 2014. 

Hi Everyone
A big thanks to all those who submitted images for the competition today.
We didn’t win any trophies but got some reasonable marks.
Thanks also to the members who took part in the selection of images for round two and the plate final. Mike Dunn, Alan Clark and Alan Hempseed.
It was a good day which everyone enjoyed.
many thanks again.
PS  Attached are the marks. The selections were made from a bank of images (see below)

 SPF results imageentry 2014