3 Way Competition 2018

Here are the scores for the 3 way competition held in Dunfermline on 13th February 2018.  The competition was between Kinross, Glenrothes and Dunfermline.

Mono Prints: Glenrothes 71 points, Dunfermline 83 points, Kinross 85 points
Colour Prints: Glenrothes 82 points, Kinross 84 points, Dunfermline 86 points
DPIs: Kinross 159 points, Glenrothes 174 points, Dunfermline 174 points.

Overall tally:

1st Dunfermline 343 points
2nd Kinross 328 points
3rd Glenrothes 327 points

Overall best image goes to Alan Gray representing Dunfermline with his image  “ Bandneath Munition Crane Sunrise”