Schools Competition


Back in Time Ronan Fox Begley 1st place
Ailsa against tree lyndsay cook 1st place
Waterways Kara McAuley 1st place
Audition Molly Russell 1st place
Hannah Eilidh Richmond 1st place
Consumerism Jessica Lin 2nd Place
Overcast sky and slide kara sanders 2nd Place
A trick of the mind Finlay Burns 2nd Place
My cat Aaron Brown 2nd Place
Snow Skid Ross La Trobe 2nd Place
Eagle in Vancouver Gregor Sinclair 3rd Place
Autumn flowers in the Glen Natalie Crawford-Smith 3rd Place
NYC from above Shannon Brown 3rd Place
Hidden Beauty Jordan Campbell 3rd Place
Lost Child Talia Brady 3rd Place
Selective Colour Ben Smith Highly Commended
Dog and Rainbow Hannah Moore Highly Commended
Misty Ride Ellie Walker Highly Commended
Mallaig Katie Norman Highly Commended
Doughnutter Eilidh Richmond Highly Commended
Face of USA Nathan Albury Commended
Butterfly Elie Chalmers Commended
Snowball Julia Sikora Commended
Waterfall Kareen Lattka Commended
Captured Eilidh Davidson Commended